Hear Here! Vol. V, 2014

Editors’ Introduction

Shane Simpson, I’m Not Society 

Harriet Langley, Gender Discrimination in the Classical Music World 

Jordan Bak, The Nexus 7: Tedium, Trendiness, and Waste 

Ken Fukumoto, Wolfe’s Ethical Dilemma:  Economics, Rights, and Religion in Rebecca Harding Davis’s “Life in the Iron-Mills” 

Mattia Maurée, Meh 

Will Greene, Rape Culture: Caught in a Web 

Linda Numagami, Woman, Moth 

Maria van der Sloot, Autonomy and Desire in “Pamphilia to Amphilanthus”

Harrison Honor, Exile: Art versus Analysis 

Justin DiFilippis, Betrayed by Our Senses: Are Our Musical Judgments Unconsciously Biased? 

SoYoung Choi, Invisible Barriers: Culture, Language, and Social Hierarchies 

Colby Parker: The Media and Success in Music 

Editorial Board

Jill Gatlin

Managing Editor
Tong Wang

Selection Editors
Jordan Bak
Ariel Chapman
Nina Guo
Mattia Maurée
Colby Parker
Tong Wang


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