Hear Here! Vol. IV, 2013

Editors’ Introduction

Mattia Maurée, Schubert in Six Years

Maria van der Sloot, Dimensions of Her: Beauty and Sexuality in a Man’s World

Wesley Chu, Young Goodman Brown’s Journey from Heaven to Hell

Nick Myers, The Best: The Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Boston Red Stockings

Daniel Karp, Untitled Haiku

Tong Wang, Listening with Your Ears: Asian Musicians and Racial  Discrimination

Julia Dombek, Auditioning with the Buddha

Hunter Bennett, “All I Have”: Extensive Motivic Use in the Final Song from Libby Larsen’s Songs from Letters

Wesley Chu, Linda Numagami, and Mallory Zakeosian, Original Musical Setting of “The Yellow Wallpaper”:  Rationale, Score, and Recording

Hear Here! Vol. IV, 2013

Editorial Board


Jill Gatlin

Consulting Editors

Jill Gatlin

Christian Gentry

Suzanne Hegland

Patrick Keppel

James Klein

Managing Editor

Emily Wilson

Selection Editors

Ariel Chapman

Nina Guo

Mattia Maurée

Michael Mayo

Colby Parker

Tong Wang

Web Design

Elizabeth Oka


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