Hear Here! Vol. II, 2011

 Editor’s Introduction

Artistic Lives

Eileen Coyne, French Horns: What Lives Inside

Nell Shaw Cohen, Finding Music in the Life and Paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe

Nell Shaw Cohen, Liu Dan’s Vision of the Honorable Old Man

Samantha Bennett, Sublime Wastelands: Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle”

Social and Political Lives

Dorsey Bass, Religion, Race, and Political Polarization in America

Yuan Zhuang, What Prevents Asian Students from Stepping into American Life?

Cecilia Tregelles, Internet and Ego

Interior Lives

Chris Irvine, Freud’s View of Artists and Their Influences

JeeHae Ahn, Jekyll and Hyde: Repression and Expression

Katherine Althen, We I

Lucy Tan, Anonymous Diary


Hear Here! Vol. II, 2011

Selection Editors

Samantha Bennett
Jill Gatlin
Sojourner Hodges
James Klein
Joseph Mannarino
Isabella Mensz
Lucy Tan

Managing Editors 

Jill Gatlin
Nell Shaw Cohen

Consulting Editors

Jill Gatlin
Suzanne Hegland
Patrick Keppel
James Klein


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