Hear Here! 2014 – Editors’ Introduction


Welcome to the 2014 edition of Hear Here! As artists, we are tasked with seeking out issues in our community and our world. Our job is to gai an understanding of these issues and use the power of our personalities and our art to inspire and accomplish real and positive change. This year, New England Conservatory students have delved into challenging topics ranging from rape culture to the invisible workforces behind our electronics. We have pursued self-aware analyses of the topics that affect us daily, from portrayals of music students in the media to racial, gender, and other forms of discrimination in the broader world of performance and daily life.

Hear Here! represents a sampling of the thousands of passions, ideas, movements, and projects that give our community and its members life and purpose every year. By striving for a high level of artistic creation, we can identify the barriers that hold us apart—even in a community as welcoming as our own—and then overcome them. In the midst of finals, promotionals, graduation, recitals, and papers, we sometimes forget that there is meaning and importance in everything we do, be it literary analysis or refining a C major scale. Through sharing the thoughts of these amazing students, we hope to help our community realize the variety and value of the work that we all do. (Though let’s be honest, we’re all only human: every once in a while, we just have to say “Meh”)!

Ariel Chapman
Mattia Maurée
Colby Parker 


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